What is Fencing?

Fencing is an international and Olympic sport that provides high levels of physical and mental stimuli to outwit your opponent. Fencing has existed since the ancient Greek and Roman times with modern styles having their roots in the renaissance era. It's a fantastic way to improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility.


Does it Hurt?
No. We stopped trying to kill each other quite a while ago. Modern fencing uses pads, jackets and thin, flexible "blades" tipped with a mechanical button to score points. Once you've held a modern epee you'll understand how the hardest impacts feel like no more than a jab from someone's finger and the more common injuries are the same as any other sport: the odd blister, an occasional sprained ankle and sore muscles!


What do I need to bring?

Just yourself. Comfortable clothes and shoes for sport, a top with at least short sleeves and a water bottle to keep hydrated!


Where can I find out more?

The NQFA Facebook page has the most up to date information on events, costs and courses.


How do I get started?

Contact our head coach in order to enquire about our Learn To Fence course - $144 for a full 8 week course including all coaching and equipment loans will take you from Jack All to Jack Sparrow in no time!